Portrait of Sarah

I finished this painting a while ago but apparently I forgot to post anything about it 🙂

This is a friend of mine; I took some pictures in a makeshift studio AKA my living room and used one as a basis for this painting. It’s oil on panel, 8×10 inches and I finished it in a few hour-long sessions.

Portrait of Sarah by Airn LeBus

Portrait of Sarah by Airn LeBus

Moving some stuff over to airnlebus.com

I think I’m going to move the images of my completed art from this site over to airnlebus.com. I have a few different websites and am not sure if I should consolidate them all into one, but for now I think I will keep chromaticblack.com as my blog where I have works-in-progress and stuff, and have airnlebus.com just for completed art.