Cracky-Chan painting update (cracky post #4)

I was sorely mistaken when I said many weeks ago that I was almost done with this painting 🙂 I decided to repaint the eyes…totally painted over them. I have also completely changed the shirt-dress thing, the necklace, and the hair, something like 2, 3, and I think 5 times respectively. If I had planned this out and knew what I was doing, I would be done 5 times over by now…but that’s cool, each project I work on is a huge learning experience, especially since I haven’t been painting very long. Soon I want to start a project that I actually plan out really well 🙂

Anyway, I need to decide on this how much I want to fix and how much just to leave, I am definitely spending an excessive amount of time on this small (8×10 inches) project…I keep taking breaks and working on other stuff though and the longer I spend on it the more I want it to be the best I can do 🙂

Made some major progress on the hair last nite, titanium white, yellow ochre, raw umber, and burnt sienna with a weird small flat shader that leaves brush marks and a really mangled 0 round brush that is all splayed out…it works really well for hair! The skin tone is all raw umber and alz. crimson and titanium white.

cracky chan painting work in progress 07-25-08

cracky chan painting work in progress 07-25-08Oh I’m thinking about putting it in this insane frame I got (:B)

Fiona (completed)

I finished this a week or so ago but didn’t want to photo it until I had put some retouching varnish on it. I don’t have anything else to say about this one besides what I already put in the previous posts 🙂

Oh actually I guess I’ll mention the choice of name was partly from Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles, I remember really liking Fiona and Flora as women’s names when I was reading those books many years ago.

Fiona, oil on panel, 9x12 inches, 2008.

Fiona, oil on panel, 9x12 inches, 2008.

update 10-02-08 – this really bugs me now, it looks OK close up tho 🙂

Still Life with Joocy Pear (completed)

I finished my Still Life with Joocy Pear, and yes, it was delicious 😉 I’m looking forward to painting more stuff from real life, this was fun. Overall this was a pretty quick one, maybe 5 hours or so? Most of my other paintings took much longer, like in the range of 10-30 hours, but that’s mostly since I paint over them so many times and am still learning how to render various materials and surfaces and get the paint to do what I want.

One of the things I like the most about this painting is the signature, I want to give more thought and effort to it in future paintings…sometimes I sign them kind of hastily cuz I just want to be done or am excited to take photos or varnish them. I’m having to be pretty patient with oils in general, for instance I waited a week before I put temporary (retouching) varnish on this and it still ended up dragging some color with it! I was freaking out but I quickly grabbed a lintless rag and wiped the raw umber color off that was floating into areas it was not supposed to, and it ended up being OK, phew.

Still Life with Joocy Pear by Airn LeBus - Oil on panel, 8x10 inches, 2008.

Still Life with Joocy Pear by Airn LeBus - Oil on panel, 8x10 inches, 2008.

Sukie – completed quickie oil painting

Kind of a quickie unplanned oil here, I’m calling this ‘Sukie’. I totally painted over this a few times so it wasn’t really that quick in reality…it mostly looked the same the whole time but at one point I did bright blue eyes and background which really messed it up, so I went over it all again mostly with raw umber and titanium white.

Sukie by Airn LeBus, oil on canvas board, 8x10 inches, 2008.

Sukie, oil on canvas board, 8x10 inches, 2008.

shoot this painting looked better when it was unfinished 🙂 here it is earlier, pic taken at a slight angle and a detail:

Still life with joocy pear — a work in progress

‘Nuff said, right? It’s a pear. Actually, this is fun and I have not painted from a reference that is right in front of me before so it’s really interesting to do so. I did the first couple 1 hour or so sessions on this with the pear on a table a couple feet away from me.

I took some ref photos of the pear and the natural light is all crappy right now since there is a fire in the area…so I think I am going to eat my reference pear right now 😀

still life with joocy pear (detail), oil on panel, 8x10 in progress:

still life with joocy pear (detail), oil on panel, 8x10 in progress: