Fiona work in prog (update 2)

This painting looks scary now that she has eyes 🙂

I moved the eyes down and started workin on ’em. Had to take a break from my Cracky-Chan painting which is annoying me right now (I just painted over a bunch of it and have been sanding stuff down, etc — it’s irritating me and I need a break :)).

Here’s this one, Fiona, so far (detail). Click for pop-up larger version.

(update 07-04-08, here is a newer version:)

Older version:

Dream-City #1 (update 3)

Here’s the latest version of Dream City #1. Dunno how much more I’m going to do on this, but I expect several more sessions till I’m done.

Look at the Dream City category for all versions.



Oil painting happiness

Messing around with with this painting, I love what happened in the lower corner here (click for big version):

Later I painted over it cuz it didn’t really fit with the overall style of the painting, but I love how with oils you can do some crazy stuff with just a few strokes.

Blue 3 – abstract oil painting

I used a bunch of different blues in here (Phthalo, Cobalt, French Ultramarine, Prussian) with Permanent Rose and Alizarin Crimson to make some purples. I painted 75% of this in black and white with the intention of glazing later, but ended up just repainting over it.

Blue 3, 11x14 inches, oil on canvas.

Blue 3, 11x14 inches, oil on canvas.

Cold Knife Mountains (completed)

Painted this one a couple weeks ago using the palette knife for the mountains. I painted the canvas with prussian blue and black and such first with acrylic, then a light coat of blue-ish oil paint so it was all wet for soft blending with the clouds and such. This was painted in a single session with minor touch-up on the mountains later.

Cold Knife Mountains, Oil over acrylic on canvas, 11x14 inches.

Cold Knife Mountains, Oil over acrylic on canvas, 11x14 inches.

cracky-chan update (cracky post #3)

I worked on the ol’ cracky-chan painting today…getting pretty close to finishing it. A few more sessions and I’ll be done, I think. The hair has been one of the trickiest things for me to get on this one, but I think I am close to figuring it out. I’m not trying to mimic the photo reference completely, instead I’m making the hair a bit less mussy to fit the style of the painting. I bought some indian red and burnt sienna (I didn’t have that one?!) and that helped a lot. I’m still learning how to paint hair in general, and a large percentage of the time spent on this one has been on the hair. I’ve tried a ton of color combos but at this point it’s something like cad yellow light, titanium white, burnt and raw umber, burnt sienna, and indian red. Oh I also experimented with some lamp black in the shadow areas, though I very rarely use black for shadows.

So here’s where I’m at on ol’ cracky…need to touch up the nose, finish the hair, do a bit more stuff with eyes, etc, but I think it’ll look pretty sick when done and once it’s framed and such…varnishing it will unify everything too and kind of deepen everything.

Detail of Cracky-Chan work in progress

Detail of Cracky-Chan work in progress

Fiona – work in progress

This is not based on anyone real, but I’m calling the painting ‘Fiona’. A few months ago I picked up a fairly large, flat bristle brush and without planning anything beforehand I painted some funky-looking person. A few days later I painted over that for a while until it became “hair lady” with some crazy exaggerated beehive-type hairdo. Then I sort of glazed it…the painting was raw umber and titanium white; once that dried I put some bleached linseed oil over it, rubbed on a small amount of paint, then rubbed much of it off with a paper towel. I painted a cheap frame a darker version of the background color, signed it, and thought I was done. Recently I kept looking at it and thinking I didn’t like the hair at all, plus I learned a bit about eyes and wanted to go back and fix some stuff…I ended up basically painting over everything except part of the mouth 🙂

Here’s what I have so far.

Fiona oil painting work in progress

Update 10-02-08: Shoot, i like this better than the finished one 😀

Blue 1 – abstract oil painting

AKA Ultramarine Dreams 🙂

Shining pulsing phthalo strings
Flowing roiling boiling blue
Shifting seething ultramarine dreams

I wasn’t going to do anything with this, but when I tried it in this gold frame I really liked the way it looked, so I ended up varnishing it and hanging it on my wall 🙂 It started out as a similar acrylic experiment, then I repainted over it with oils…raw umber and white. Later I added a thin layer of bleached linseed oil over it and applied some blue shades, I forget which ones but probably both phthalo blue and french ultramarine.

Blue 1, 8x10 inches, oil on panel.

Blue 1, 8x10 inches, oil on panel.

Horned Lady oil painting

This is a painting I finished around April 2008. It’s one of my first complete oil paintings, and I actually totally re-painted over an acrylic work I did in 2007, which ended up really cartoony-looking. I painted it over in oils many times as I learned what was working and what wasn’t. This is pretty much what I was going for, so I am moderately happy with it. With this “portrait” I wanted something that looked like it was painted a long time ago, that would be hanging in some creepy mansion or castle. I think I was planning on glazing skin tone over an underpainting of raw umber and white, but I ended up not doing that. Below the finished painting check out a progression of the stages this went through – I painted over it so many times! Learned a lot though 🙂

Horned Lady, oil and acrylic on panel, 8x10 inches, 2008.

Horned Lady, oil and acrylic on panel, 8x10 inches, 2008.

Here’s all the stages it went through – believe it or not, I was going for the final look in the very first one, I think that shows how much easier it was for me to use oil than acrylic! I had also learned a lot in between the two so I was better able to get the look I was trying for.

Update 10-02-08: Ugh I don’t like this painting any more, eventually I may do a digital reworking of it…here’s a start to that:

horned lady digital redo work in prog

horned lady digital redo work in prog

Dream-City #1 – work in progress (update 2)

Ahh, I’m feeling much better about the direction this is going in now…I just spent an unknown amount of time (3 hours? 5?) on this…ate a scone and drank bunch of tea, then totally lost track of time as I painted. Tea’s good like that.

Lately I have been really bummed about doing this on canvas and was wishing I had used panel so I could use a small liner brush and just do details easier…but today I finally loosened up, stopped trying to nitpick with a liner brush, and do broader, looser strokes with more highlights and such with a smallish #0 flat shader. It’s very short bristle-wise, and kind of thick…if you were looking at it from the top it’s like this: [ ] Anyway I am loving that brush right now, I’m using the edge to add white highlights and such so it can do fairly thin lines, but it introduces a randomness to the application of paint that is really helping this painting. It’s so nice when you can use a brush and/or technique that causes the paint to skip around and fall perfectly onto the canvas, with little effort on the painter’s part…that’s one thing I love about oil vs. acrylic, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating when  the paint falls into place magically seemingly of it’s own will.

I’m also working more on getting over fears of screwing stuff up, as a beginning painter often I am afraid to change something because I am not sure I can put it back the way it was 🙂 I made a bunch of major changes to this one today that made me face that fear a bit.

Look at the Dream-City category to see all versions.

Here’s what I have so far, see below that for a detail a bit larger than life-size.

These parts aren’t totally done yet either, but here is some mostly-finished detail. I’m really happy about the old soggy graveyard, I dunno why but I really like that idea, a graveyard that’s kind of flooded and old like that.